Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Understanding EXT4 (Part 2): Timestamps"

"Understanding EXT4 (Part 2): Timestamps": "Hal Pomeranz, Deer Run AssociatesWell I certainly didn't plan on three months elapsing between my last post on EXT4 and this follow-up, but time marches on. That was supposed to be a clever segue into the topic for this installment-- the new timestamp format in the EXT4 inode. OK, I know what you all are thinking now: "Shut up Hal and get to the geeky stuff." Your wish is my command!Setting the StageLet's set up another test file in an EXT4 file ssytem:# echo Time for knowledge >testfile# touch -a -t 211101231917.42 testfile# touch -m -t 204005160308.19 testfileI'm using the touch command as root to ..."