Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hacker gets Microsoft Kinect to work with Sony Playstation3

A HACKER has made Microsoft's Xbox360 accessory Kinect work with Sony's Playstation 3.
Using his technical knowledge and a little rule bending, software programmer Shantanu Goel managed to make the Kinect work as an input controller for the PS3.
The Playstation 3 has a similar gadget in the Playstation Move, but Goel said, 'Nothing beats the lure of making something work with just the 'The Force'.
Goel posted up a YouTube video of the Kinect PS3 in action working with the game Killzone 3. After logging into his PS3 account, Goel played the game by simply using his hand movements.
Double push controls select or the X button, scrolling left, right and up follows the hand movements. If you run out of scrolling space, you use a backward push to stop scrolling, move your hand back, do another backpush and start again. This is similar to way you work with a touchpad.
It wasn't perfect, though. From the beginning you could see problems Goel was having getting rid of the intro scenes. And when you got to the game the game didn't look particularly easy to control and Goel needed to sit down to get the Kinect to track his movements properly.
In fact Killzone 3 was probably the wrong game to really showcase PS3 Kinect in action. But you can see possibilities for other games. Sony might not be particularly happy, as a properly working PS3 Kinect has the potential to hit Playstation Move sales. ยต