Monday, March 21, 2011


Smooth-Sec is a ready to-go IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention System) linux distribution based on the multi threaded Suricata IDS/IPS engine and Snorby, the top notch web application for network security monitoring. Smooth-Sec is built on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS using the TurnKey Core base as development platform. Functionality is the key point that allow to deploy a complete IDS/IPS System up and running out of the box within a few minutes, even for security beginners with minimal Linux experience.

IRC #smooth-sec –
Size Compressed: 504 MB
Snorby login:
Snorby interface: https://ipaddress
Password: snorby (please change this password after the firts login)
Ssh login:
Username: root
Password: the password you have chose during the installation
More Details about the project can be found here.