Thursday, March 31, 2011

LizaMoon mass-injection SQL injection attack

Websense Security Labs and the Websense Threatseeker Network have identified a new malicious mass-injection campaign that we call LizaMoon. Websense customers are protected with the Advanced Classification Engine.

The LizaMoon mass-injection is a SQL injection attack that inserts the following line into the code of the page:

<script src=hxxp://></script>

According to a Google Search, over 28,000 226,000 URLs have been compromised. This includes several iTunes URLs, as you can see below:

And here is the injected code at one of those iTunes URLs:

The way iTunes works is that it downloads RSS/XML feeds from the publisher to update the podcast and list of available episodes. We believe that these RSS/XML feeds have been compromised with the injected code. The good thing is that iTunes encodes the script tags, which means that the script doesn't execute on the user's computer. So good job, Apple.The URL that is injected is unavailable right now, but the server is still up and running, so that could change at any time. While it was up, the script contained simple JavaScript code that redirected the user to a well-known Rogue AV site: hxxp:// That site is also unavailable right now, so we don't have the actual binary analysis information available yet.

The domain was registered three days ago with clearly fake information:

UPDATE2: We have been monitoring the attack since it came out and noticed that the number of the compromised URLs is still increasing, 380,000 URLs so far, moreover, more domains started to be involved except for

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