Friday, March 18, 2011

Computer Security Blog: Wophcrack – Ophcrack web interface

Rainbow tables are really useful when cracking password hashes, One disadvantage of these tables is their size which can get up to tens and even hundreds of gigs.
I really liked the Offensive security Crackpot online hash cracker and i thought it would be really nice to have a web interface for my rainbow tables which i can access from web anywhere without having to carry them with me whenever i need them." writes R00tSec. He wrote a quick and dirty PHP based web frontend for Ophcrack called Wophcrack.
Wophcrack was designed to work on Backtrack 4 R2, Although it can be install on any Linux distribution with some small adjustments, Wophcrack can also easily edited to support Rainbow crack.
Please read the requirements and installation notes before using Wophcrack.
Wophcrack will require some manual code adjustments to suite your environment.

Read More about it at here.