Friday, August 10, 2012

Jeremy Druin has two new Mutillidae/Web Pen-testing videos

Jeremy Druin has two new Mutillidae/Web Pen-testing videos: Jeremy Druin has two new Mutillidae/Web Pen-testing videos
Setting User Agent String And Browser Information
Introduction to user-agent switching: This video uses the Firefox add-on "User-Agent Switcher" to modify several settings in the browser that are transmitted in the user agent string inside HTTP requests. Some web applications will show different content depending on the user agent setting making alteration of the settings useful in web pen testing.
Walkthrough Of CBC Bit Flipping Attack With Solution
This video shows a solution to the view-user-privilege-level in Mutillidae. Before viewing, review how XOR works and more importantly that XOR is communicative (If A xor B = C then it must be true that A xor C = B and also true that B xor C = A). The attack in the video takes advantage that the attacker knows the IV (initialization vector) and the plaintext (user ID). The attack works by flipping each byte in the IV to see what effect is produced on the plaintext (User ID). When the correct byte is located, the ciphertext for that byte is recovered followed by a determination of the correct byte to inject. The correct value is injected to cause the User ID to change.

Mutillidae is available for download at Updates about Mutillidae are tweeted to @webpwnized along with announcements about video releases.